August 6, Fifth day of the Novena to St. Clare

Today we pray for those living in fear due to economic insecurity.


Sr. Anna Marie Covely, OSC

St. Clare longed to live in insecurity as her way of following Christ.

It was a different type of insecurity than what many are experiencing today as they struggle to feed and clothe their families amid rising prices. Despite coming from a wealthy family, St. Clare gave away her wealth in order to experience the difficulties of being poor and uncertainty of where food for the next meal would be found. The friars begged from the people of Assisi for needs of the Poor Ladies. The Sisters contented themselves with whatever was or wasn’t given. One time they only had one loaf of bread for 50 Sisters. St Clare blessed the loaf and told the Refectorian Sister to cut it in half and give a half to the friars and then cut up the rest for the sisters. Meanwhile St. Clare went off to pray. Miraculously, the bread increased, and everyone had enough. Clare’s faith and trust in God provided for their needs.

In these difficult times that so many are facing, let us invoke the intercession of St. Clare to help us find the means to provide for what is needed.

Sr. Anna Marie Covely, OSC

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