August 8, Seventh day of the Novena to St. Clare

Today we pray for the leaders of all nations to have the foresight to act with charity and true concern for all people.


Sr. Mary Pia Malaborbor, OSC

I recently read a book by Henri Nouwen entitled, The Return of the Prodigal Son. The intention for today reminds me of Henry’s reflection on Rembrandt’s painting that focuses on the father. The three characteristics that Henry saw in the father were grief (to suffer with), forgiveness, and generosity. I will focus on grief and generosity. The father grieved for his wayward son, and in generosity, he welcomed him back and even provided a feast upon his return.

St. Clare, also in her rule, clearly showed how she suffered with her sisters as she wrote specific ways of living our community life on relationship, charity, and taking care of those in need. Her generosity and consideration of the needs of the sisters who were sick and had limitations are inspiring as she served them herself.

In our world today, with the war in Ukraine and the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, we need to pray that the leaders of nations may truly grieve with those who suffer and be generous enough to let go of political grievances and aspirations in order to make wise decisions and offer good resolutions to avoid violence, war, and even poverty. If they have concern for their people, charity will follow naturally.

Sr. Mary Pia, OSC

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