August 10, Ninth and final day of the Novena to St. Clare

Today we pray for those who are dying and those grieving the loss of a loved one.


Sr. Ann Bartko, OSC

When Clare of Assisi was on her death bed, she was filled with joy and expectation. She was on the way to her beloved Lord. In her hands, she held the approved Rule she wrote and lived daily. She had done what was hers to do and she was ready to meet her Bridegroom.

When we live as God calls us to live, we are not afraid to die. The more we live our lives close to Jesus, the closer we come to be in union with him. This unity takes away our fears, and we long to be with Jesus as did St. Clare. Do not be afraid to embrace Jesus in life or death, for he embraces us every moment of each day and he will be there to carry us into eternity.

In death, St. Clare was surrounded by her sisters, the friars, and all those who loved her. Yes, they grieved losing her, but they also realized that the God of her life was right there, embracing her and carrying her home. Though they grieved, they were also comforted.

It is natural to grieve the loss of those we love. May all who are dying and those who will be left behind find comfort in the fact that Jesus holds the hands of the dying and carries those who have died into paradise.

I pray that St. Clare will be with all those who are dying and those who grieve their loss.

Sr. Ann Bartko, OSC

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