August 10, Ninth day of the Novena to St. Clare

Prayer for those who are dying and those grieving the loss of a loved one.


Sr. Doris Gerke, OSC

As St. Clare was reaching for Sister Death, she said:

“Go without anxiety for you (her own soul) have a good escort for your journey. Go, for He who created you has made you holy. And, always protecting you as a mother her child, He has loved you with a tender love. May you be blessed, O Lord, You who have created my soul.”

-Taken from, “The Legend of Saint Clare”

We know by our faith that there will be a special grace when we come to the end of our earthly lives. We can be assured that Our Lord will be there, as He was for St. Clare, to help us go without anxiety for our last journey into life eternal. We have been made holy by baptism. And God as mother has held us with tender love each moment of life.

May we approach Sister Death with our hearts and hands lifted up in this grace.

Sr. Doris Gerke, OSC

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