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Fr. Pat McCloskey is the Franciscan Editor for Franciscan Media and writes the monthly column, “Ask a Franciscan,” in the St. Anthony Messenger magazine.

Tasks St. Anthony found for me

In the summer of 1972, I was an editorial intern at St. Anthony Messenger. Associate Editor Father Norman Perry, OFM, asked me to write the monthly St. Anthony column, a short reflection based on a quote from his sermon notes.


Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM

My first column appeared in August 1972; that series concluded with the December 1979 issue. In the meantime, I had finished three more years of theology and been ordained a priest. I have also:

• written St. Anthony of Padua: Wisdom for Today (1976);
• helped select graphics and texts for the photo mural at St. Anthony Shrine in Cincinnati (June 1979);
• preached there about him many times;
• helped organize the Shrine’s conference “Anthony of Padua; Preacher, and Friend of the Poor” (1981);
• visited his basilica in Padua (1982);
• given several radio interviews about him; and
• written “125 Years and Still Going Strong,” placing St. Anthony Messenger within its civic and Church context (published May 2018).

Now I am wondering: What is the next task St. Anthony will find for me?

(Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM, is the Franciscan Editor of Franciscan Media.)

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