Test and image of St. Anthony

Today, let us pray for the poor, lonely and forgotten, around the world and in our own neighborhoods.


Br. Phil McCarter, OFM

“The poor will always be with you, and whenever you want, you can do good to them.” This promise made by Jesus in Mark’s Gospel still stands two thousand years later. Our cities are filled with the underprivileged and forgotten, and we brothers and sisters have many opportunities to “do good” with them. The prophets of old knew of the Lord’s goodness, and declared the Lord to be a defender of the widow and orphan—a God who hears the cry of the poor. Let us stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters on the margins and unite our voices with theirs, so that when God hears their cries, He will hear us as well.

Br. Phil McCarter, OFM, is in temporary profession and serves at the St. Francis Mission in Elfrida, Ariz., part of the Brothers Walking Together program.

Pray the Novena to St. Anthony of Padua here.

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