August 7, Sixth day of Novena to St. Clare

Prayer for all those suffering with mental illness and their families.

Sr. Anna Marie

Sr. Anna Marie Covely, OSC

During this COVID time, many people are suffering from the loneliness and isolation necessary to help contain this virus. Those who suffer from psychological illnesses or depression are especially vulnerable. The needed social distancing has caused great anguish for so many.

Are there ways we can reach out to those in need and help them to feel less isolated? Calling, texting or stopping by (at a safe distance) to assure them of our concern and love are among the ways we can help. Perhaps we could drop off some treat and message. Prayer is by far, the most important way we can help.

In the time of Saint Clare, Saint Francis sent Brother Stephen to her. Brother Stephen suffered from some form of mental illness. Clare prayed over him and led him to her place of prayer. She let him rest there. Upon waking his distress was gone.

During this novena, let us pray for all the lonely and mentally ill. Saint Clare be with those who suffer from loneliness and isolation or any illness of the mind and emotions. Be with their families who try to reach out to them but are impeded by the virus. Help them to know God’s love and care for them. Bring light into the darkness of these troubled times and into their troubled minds. You were a healer in your life, bring healing now to those most in need.

Sr. Anna Marie Covely, OSC

Ask the Poor Clares to pray for your intentions:

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