August 5, Fourth day of Novena to St. Clare

Prayer for all personal intentions, that God’s light shines within each of us and that we radiate that light to others.

Sr. Luisa

Sr. Luisa Bayate, OSC

Today, we pray that God’s light shines within each of us and that we radiate this light to others and to the world. What if the light is flickering and slowly fading? We initiate. We fan the flame to ignite the sparks. We pray, and we keep praying. We keep our hope that even in the darkest night, there are fireflies scattered around. Their light mesmerizes our eyes, and we are awed and say: Look! I see light, and it’s dancing!

As we look at ourselves, may we be mesmerized by the little light within us. However, and wherever we are, we let our love and determination radiate outside of us and to others, letting it shine throughout the world.

St. Clare admonished the sisters present, and those who come after, with fervor of mind and body to “keep the commandments of God and of our father Francis, so that, with the help of the Lord, we may return an increase of talents. For the Lord Himself has placed us as a model, as an example and a mirror not only for others, but also for our sisters whom the Lord has called to our way of life as well, that they in turn be a mirror and example to those living in the world. We are greatly bound to bless and praise God and to be strengthened more and more to do good in the Lord.” (Testament of St Clare)

What we feed our hearts and minds determines the health of our souls. Let us inhale God’s kindness, His loving spirit and goodness, so that, as we exhale, we exhale the breath of life radiating, empowering, transforming and making us come to life again. “May you do well in the Lord, as I hope I do myself, and, in your holy prayers, remember me along with my sisters.” (Third Letter of St. Clare to Agnes of Prague)

– Sr. Luisa Bayate, OSC

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