August 10, Ninth day of Novena to St. Clare

Prayer for those who are dying and those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Sr. Vickie Griner, OSC

In his last illness, St. Francis asked the friars to take him to Our Lady of Angels of the Portiuncula, the place where Clare joined Francis on March 18, 1212, and where the Franciscan Movement began. After all these years of illness and pain, he was ready to meet Sister Death. At San Damiano, Clare was distressed because she could not go and minister to Francis’ needs during his final days. Oh, how she would miss Francis!

Francis sent one of the friars to go and tell Clare that she would see him after his death, but that was little consolation for Clare. They had shared so much spiritually, and Clare wanted so much to be there when Francis greeted Sister Death. Prayer was Clare’s only consolation. She had dedicated her life to prayer, praying in front of the same San Damiano Cross where Francis first heard Jesus’ call to “rebuild my Church.” Now, more than ever, she placed her trust in her heavenly Spouse.

It is such a blessing when we are able to walk with our loved ones during their last illness, but we are not always able to do so, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. We ask Saint Clare to intercede for all the sick and dying and to console all of us who are grieving at this time.

Sr. Vickie Griner, OSC

Ask the Poor Clares to pray for your intentions:

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